Moving to CPA world

October 25, 2010


I have been very busy setting up sites, getting quality content writers and setting up a calender to outsource the most of my SEO stuff. It is very time consuming. One of my friend who is an affiliate and into CPA earns much more with less work comparatively. So I asked him some advice he asked me to first learn basic PPC skills and build on it.  So I am ready to step into CPA world and just signed in on one of the networks, let see how it goes.

If a person has been longer than 1-2 months in the Internet Marketing world, he would already know that there is a discussion going on, whether Adsense or CPA is the best way to monetize a blog. I think that CPA is better, and I will tell you why. Trying to monetize your blog with Adsense is like playing ice hockey on a mine field: one wrong step – you are a goner; and even if you play great, one shove can get you in trouble.

How many stories have we heard where Google banned people for no reason at all? Of course, some of the bans were absolutely legit – but some weren’t. They don’t give you a real chance to defend yourself , much like in an authoritative regime.

CPA is better, because it’s much harder to get yourself banned. While in Adsense it’s enough for someone to click on your ads a bunch of times, CPA requires people to take some action – submitting an email, address, zip code or card number. You don’t have to be a psychology major to know what people would rather do.

Also, in my experience, CPA managers are much more responsive to their customers. They will be given a fair chance to explain themselves, and even if they did something wrong, there is a huge possibility that the manager will reinstate their account. We all make stupid mistakes: that’s why we need a second chance.

Have you ever read a book on Adsense? I have, and it really blew my mind to read the requirements you need to fulfill to get relevant ads on your website. You have to include your keyword in the first sentence; then you must, depending on the length of the article, include 2-3 keywords in the body; then you always must include a keyword in the first sentence of the last paragraph – and even then you might not get relevant ads.

Adsense requires you to keep a lot of things in mind – is the competition level OK; will we find enough ads around that particular keyword; are a lot of people searching for this keyword.  I don’t know about you, but I think writing should be fun, and it is sad to see people optimize their content according to some rules. In CPA the things are much more interesting. Let’s say you’ve built your website around Iphones. Your visitors will be required to submit their emails or addresses. What will happen if people, who look for other gadgets like Ipads or HTC, will see your CPA offer? Don’t you think that they will grab ahold of this opportunity? Folks who love gadgets will want to have them all, especially if they are free.

What will people rather do – click on a non-relevant Ad or submit their information to this beautiful form? (i’m not promoting anything. It’s not even clickable)

I don’t like Adsense, because even if someone clicks on your Ad, you will:

  1. Earn a few cents
  2. Lose these few cents, because Google wants a share of your profits also
  3. When i want to cash a Google check, my banks take too much percentage

Google is like a pimp that collects money from people who did all the dirty work. CPA offers can bring you $1.5 per email, $3.00 per email submit, $5.00 per cell number. And the best part is – you keep all the money!

Of course, there are a lot of people out there who would disagree with me. Some folks are still happy with Adsense, but I do not want to earn my money knowing that tomorrow I might lose it all.